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Hamburg Rock & Roll

About us

Formed in the summer of 2017, Barfly are a rock band from Hamburg, Germany. Free from the pressure to “make it”, Barfly write songs about the world as they see it and are excited to share these with you both here and live.

Influenced from a wide range of bands including Billy Talent, Beatsteaks, Foo's, RATM, and Royal Blood; the only must have criteria for a Barfly song is that it sounds good. If they make you want to nod your head, tap your feet or shake your ass, don't worry, this was the plan!

... oh and one more thing, the name is just a name!

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"I'm not a hero,
I'm not a God,
I'm still finding my way
I make my own path,
no destiny,
don’t talk to me about fate."
The Cage
Moscow Kiss
Killing Time
The Cage


Moscow Kiss @ Marias Ballroom
Betty @ Marias Ballroom
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We are Barfly

Vocals & Guitar
Lead Guitar & Vox
Bass & Vox
Der Schmied
Der Schmied


31.05.2019 - Knust
Emergenza Semifinale
Neuer Kamp 30, 20357 Hamburg
14.03.2019 Pooca Bar, Hamburg
09.02.2019 Logo, Hamburg
01.09.2018 Marias Ballroom, Hamburg
12.05.2018 Honigfabrik, Hamburg
12.04.2018 Indra 64, Hamburg
"Like the Phoenix
I will rise up,
from the ashes and the flame
I’ll scorch the sky,
I’ll brand your mind,
I’ll rip the night
and turn it into day"

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